View of Europe

A PhotoArt project by Fulvio Zanettini

View of Europe

About Fulvio Zanettini

I photograph - therefore I am! Born in Rome in 1958, trained as a technical draftsman, freelance photographer and photo reporter since 1988, associated photographer with the Cologne agency laif - Agentur für Photos & Reportagen since 1995. Numerous worldwide photo documentaries, commissioned photography for WDR Cologne and ARD since 2005. Cameraman for various television stations in Germany, freelance lecturer for photography, video and digital image design, with his own workshops.

Born in Rome on 13.09.1958
Studied photography in Rome
5 years as cameraman for television stations in Germany
Independent photographer in Cologne and internationally since 1990
Associated photographer with the laif agency in Cologne
Since 2000 worldwide photo documentaries, commissioned photography and filmmaker

My exhibitions:

  • 1987 Photo exhibition "Lightmoving", Kunstverein, Speyer
  • 2000 Co-design of the "Nutrition" theme halls for EXPO 2000, Hanover
  • 2002 Photo art project "RomaNotte", Photokina, Gallery Smend, Cologne
  • 2003 Photo art project "RomaNotte", in cooperation the Italian Institute, Opernhaus and Schauspielhaus Wuppertal
  • 2004 Photo exhibition "dietro l´angolo" (behind the corner), different locations in Aprilia, Italy
  • 2010 Photo exhibition "My Italy", Gallery Smend, Cologne
  • 2011 Photo exhibition "My Italy", Gallery KuFu, Cologne
  • 2011 Community Exhibition, Gallery KuFu, Cologne
  • 2017 Participation in the photo exhibition "Syria Art Flight" Alte Feuerwache, Cologne
  • 2020 "Spuren... jüdisches Leben in Köln" (Traces... Jewish life in Cologne) photo project